Thursday, May 19, 2011

Restaurant Einhauser

You reach a certain age...and the children have no idea what to give you for a Birthday I now receive an invite to a restaurant. The one chosen by our eldest is somewhere we have been meaning to visit but something has always meant us cancelling our plans. Birthday was in March but it was late April and we finally booked a table at Einhauser in Wiesbaden. Bianca, our daughter, and her husband Jochen, had been there a few times but... as I always do...I checked for reports, photos, anything to be informed. Nothing! Did it exist? It does now...and this is probably the first review.

Friday evening...and the four of us is situated in one of the side an area full of eating houses. Bianca had ordered her favourite table by the window...a good some tables are very close to each other. The restaurant very 'homely'...and has a busy feel to it. Seating about is recommended to book in advance.
The menu is hand written...and there is a board with a few dishes of the day. As a starter we chose the selection of Tapas...two for four people was just perfect....and anyone who knows us...we like to share when we eat. I still was not sure what the wine-list would be like...and when asked...was told it was at the back of the menu. This can mean a list of wines without vintages and growers usually....but thankfully...what was there...was an interesting choice. Mostly Italian...which I would have tried....BUT...and here we have to go back to our trip to the Pfalz last October. At lunch the Sommelier asked where we were going next on our visit to vineyards. We told him Knipser in Laumersheim...and he suggested a visit to Zelt which was very close. To cut a long story short...we visited Knipser...but it was so busy...we just didn't make it to Mario Zelt's Weingut. Our loss I think.
So...back to the wine-list...and we needed a whi
te for the Tapas. What do I see? Zelt Cuvée 'S 2009..and a bottle was duly ordered. Now...if they had the white...could it be they would have a red?. I flipped over a couple of pages of Italia and... there it was...Zelt's Grosskarlbacher Burgweg Spätburgunder 2008. Perfect.

The starters were delicious...very imaginative. The white
Zelt Cuvée 'S 2009 Pfalz, Germany
This Cuvée is fully developed in stainless steel tanks...Weißburgunder & Chardonnay is the mix. Decent acidity so no flabbiness...a creamy texture...and a good finish
Points 15

The main courses were good....I had photos...I was concentrating on the bottle or red.

Zelt Großkarlbacher Burgweg
Spätburgunder 2008

Pfalz, Germany

Smells good, tastes good...and by golly! does you good. An old advertising
slogan from years ago...but so appropriate...and a perfect wine to go with all the foods. Cherry red...berry fruit edges...spicy...soft earth on the palate...forest berries...and a delicious finish. We are not talking about a BIG wine here...just a perfect moment with a wine that promises all you could expect.
Points 16.75
In the restaurant priced at € 34,--...very fair...about twice what it costs at the property. longer available...and no merchant has it...the property informs that the 2009 will be on offer from July this year. I can only recommend that you buy some. I will.
I also recommend a visit to Einhauser...good, honest food... a pleasant pretensions
...a good time was enjoyed by all.

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