Saturday, May 07, 2011

Business Break

The business has meant 12 hour days for the last two weeks...and as an international Funeral Home...cases dealings with Australia, Congo, Canada, Mexico & Japan have meant long hours ...mainly down to the time differences. My wife was also in hospital...but is now back home...and hopefully heading for a good recovery. I managed to make time one evening to meet up with friend Volker at our local Bistro. He pays the food and I bring the wines. Two bottles had been eyed for a while now...but I didn't want to consume them alone...drinking with friends is something that adds to any wine!

Andre Perret
Condrieu Chery 2004

Rhone, France
I remember visting this property about 15 years ago...and being impressed. This bottle had been snapped up from a price which may have meant it heading for the great Viognier vineyard in the sky.
For this reason alone...I was wary as to when to the cork was popped an hour before. The first sniff was a relief...and the colour looked great. The bottle was covered before Volker arrived as he has to earn his wines!!!! Only the best Condrieu age this belongs to that category. Volker had just returned from the South of France...and had stopped over in Burgundy..and his first comment was..'I have just been there'..referring to the wine. Understandable...and this is a dead-ringer for a fine Burgundy...the EXTREME Viognier grapiness of youth has long since evened out. Still exotic...loads of honey...peaches and apricots...a few swirls of the glass and a delicate flowery aroma. Beautiful balance...liquid velvet with a layer of gold dust...the latter being some minerals that would surprise many lovers of this fine white from the Rhone. This will age still...but unless I find another...I will never know....
Points 17.5

Our visit late last year to the Pfalz had taken in this property. The 'basic' Pinot Noir is great value...but all I could get from Herr Pfleger of the top wine 'R' was one bottle of 2007 and one from 2008. I ordered 6 of the 2009 which should be available in September this year.

Jakob Pfleger
Curator Pinot Noir R **** 2007

Pfalz, Germany

Roland Pfleger is a pioneer in the Pfalz...using Barriques to produce wine that have been voted highly by 'Feinschmecker' and 'Eichelmann'. Gault Millau have no reference and Roland Pfleger had scowled when I had mentioned it. his wines deserves top marks in every guide. Lovely ripe fruit on the nose...cherry and spices on the palate...cinnamon...complex...a soft bite...good now...but will get much above...unless I can find more I will never know.
Points 17.25

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