Saturday, November 06, 2010

Payment For (Im)Patience

Some wines just don't make it easy for you. In the old days (late 70's) Barolo was a different animal to what it is today. I remember sitting with friends in a restaurant in North Italy...and we worked our way through the wine list. Vintages were varied....and either the wines were brooding giants...or were brown and decaying. My comments then after one 'brooder' were....try this on Friday 26th 1984 at 10.37...or it will fade before your eyes. Barolo is much more stable nowadays.
Another example is the wine that goes into it's 'Shell'. You try it young...very a few bottles....and want to share it with friends 12 months later. NADA....Hamster....Hibernation!

Which leads us to the wine we have here.
Ziereisen Jaspis Pinot Noir
Alte Reben 2004

Baden, Germany

In a previous post I told about the 'lost case'. I thought I had only 2 single bottles of the Jaspis. After finding the of the single bottles I had was tried to see how much of a treasure I had discovered.
It was closed and told me to leave it alone for years. This was a wine I had tried in it's early days....but the 'shell' effect had taken over. Now...I had a similar experience with Ziereisen's Rhini 2002...until...with only 2 bottles left...and at 6 years blew me away. Not tempting fate...the last bottle was shared with a friend. Back to the Jaspis...and searching the cellar for the evening wine...without really thinking...I took the last odd bottle As I pulled the cork I was having second thoughts...what are you doing Barry...this needs TIME. Too late now...cautious sniff...mmm...but that does not tell me what it will taste like. Big glass needed...nose dive in...mmm....and oak (checked...100%)...this has turned the corner...very enticing. The palate will have to work hard to keep up...and it does. Fine fruit and a perfect structure. Still a little tight but you don't want this going downhill with another 6 bottles boxed in. Burgundian style and a lazy elegance...tannins are hanging around...good long finish.Super Duper!
Points 17.75
Wine expert Jancis Robinson tasted this in 2006 in it's 'Ugly Duckling' days.... stating it could become a is certainly a fancy duck already.

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