Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Good Nose Day

Tuesday 16th was D-Day...or in my case N-Day. After two years of constantly trying to clear my nose and what is behind it....I decided an operation was the only way. It seems with age that the way to freedom is not as wide as it was with youth and with winter ahead...I knew I would have permanent pressure.
Nothing after 10 pm the night before I was told. It is going to be a couple of days before a glass of wine can pass my lips...even soccer for 2 weeks.
After my Radio Show on Sunday...I decided to open a bottle that I could drink over 2 days. Part 2 would send me to sleep happy....not the case as it happened...but not the wine's fault.
No matter how much you say to yourself that it will be over in 24 hours...the mind still insists on keeping you awake.
Well...operation over...a tampon hanging under my nose...I can report on my pre N-Day wine.

Joachim Hollerith
Maximus Fr├╝hburgunder 2005

Pfalz, Germany
The property is in Neustadt / Hambach. Joachim Hollerith (photo) returned to Germany in 1999 after 20 years learning his 'trade' in Virginia / U.S.A. His son Jonathan has taken over the reins since 2006.
Maximus contains grapes from the vineyards in Heiligenberg in Maikammer. This was the first vintage...only one Barrique (225 litres) available. I bought this bottle from a Bistro in is no longer available from the property.
A large glass shows it's thick legs...hey...I like thick legs...if it's wine! At first a cool reserved nose...only tempting you. The palate was more forthcoming and the first sip showed very fine structure. A swallow and the back palate left you with a ripe fruit feel. This is a complex wine. Thirty minutes later and the nose had opened...dark cherry fruit...thick marzipan.
Next day...the aromas had intensified...plenty going on...layers of fruit on the palate...leather feel...and can I add here...this reminded me of a wine from Southern a wild Syrah maybe...not your typical 'Pinot' style.
Points 17.75

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Edward said...


Are you sure they used a tampon and not an old cork :)

I hope you have a wonderful bottle lined up for consumption post N day.

PS Aussies to win the first test in Brisbane next week.