Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rhini, Jaspis & The Empty Case

The title sounds like something from Sherlock Holmes or Monsieur Poirot.

The area of South Baden...near the Swiss Markgräflerland...and the improvement over the last years will surely mean a change regarding Grosses Gewächs. Until then...the likes of Claus Schneider and Hans-Peter Ziereisen continue to produce wines that please.
I have already mentioned how the Rhini 2002 I was not sure if this bottle was ready.
Ziereisen Rhini 2005
Baden, Germany
It was quite open...and shows real promise..a fruit-driven wine..soft chewy tannins and reserved oak...earthy feel...but a day's airing and it had knitted together. Leave it 2 years...

Points 17

Wine & coincidences are regular with me. I was down in the cellar...for no real reason. I also have some old wine books there..and a wooden case was helping to keep them stable. I had presumed..ages ago..that it was for 'decoration'..from the time a few years ago when I had decided to tidy my 'second home'. I knocked on the box...hey...this doesn't sound hollow! Slightly lifting it...this is not empty! In is VERY full. As I forced open the top...there a hamster in it's straw bed..was the label Jaspis. Now...I thought the 2 bottles in my cellar were all I had...but suddenly there were EIGHT!
Multiplication..that's the name of the Game.
Ziereisen Jaspis Pinot Noir
Alte Reben 2004

Baden Germany

Tasting notes from 2006:
We realised as we drank..this needs decanting..after every visit to the glass it had changed, opened and improved. Full, classy Pinot, cranberries; excellent weight, meaty wine but elegant and with perfect balance. This is super now but will improve over the next few years.We stayed with this one until it was empty before returning to the previous wine.

Tasting notes from 2008
Dark berry and cherries..some & deep thick slices of strawberries...fiery & spicy still..lots of power. 100% new oak used..The vines are 45 years old and the wine spends 22 months in oak.....and Hans-Peter Ziereisen's top wines need time. Strange..this bottle seemed to show dryness after an hour..and didn't improve next day. Maybe a one-off...or a closed period before showing well later. We will see...still 2 bottles to go. was this one....well..pretty much as it was 18 months ago....I have the one single bottle to try maybe next year...but I will be nailing down the box for a few years I think.
Points 17

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Edward said...

I usually have the opposite problem, not being able to find bottles that I was sure I once owned. I also seem to have a problem of remembering what I have drunk. . . I wonder if the two issues are related in some way!