Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pain & Pleasure

Buy some young wine...try one...put the rest away. Two on the list....
Weingut Keller
Spätburgunder trocken 'R' 2008

Rheinhessen, Germany
Mention Keller to any lover of German Riesling and their eyes will light up. Being adventurous...I am always on the hunt for Spätburgunder...and a tip from a fellow wine-lover pointed me in the direction of this wine. This is made from the grapes destined for the 'Buergel' bottling. None of that 'gem' is available...so I gladly purchased 3 bottles of the 'R'. I decided to open a bottle..knowing I was being premature This is essential when you have 3...learn the wine in it's youth...it's brashness, it's pimples, it's potential. Now...while the post says Pain & Pleasure...neither of these 'extremes' are really on show...but it makes a good post heading! Promises, promises is what my thoughts were during the intake over 2 hours. The initial aroma was tight...with a trace of vanilla and some caramel. You just know this will expand and be more loveable in a few years. It opened and closed as it fought to b
e noticed. The palate is slightly burly...the fruit intense but a touch 'raw'...a fair dollop of acidity and you have a wine that has super potential...and will give a lot of pleasure. Can I have some more 'pain' like this? or am I being masochistic?
Points.....can I say 16.75 with a future 17.5

Mas de Daumas Gassac 2008
Languedoc, France
Good deepish purple...'leave me alone look'...ignored...you gotta hurt to learn ....underlying blackcurrant aroma...which really broadened...cassis extreme...the tannins are soft and rounded...and the oak nicely reigned in.
No pain to drink now...and it may go into a shell until you should risk it again.
Points 16.75....and again...a future 17.5

This 'basic' wine from the same property had been put into the case of wines I had ordered. No comment from the merchant...just a 'present'...nice touch. Full of young up-front fruit...ideal pizza wine...

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