Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canadian Pinot Noir

Lunch has been constantly interupted as the weather is warmer....I threw some Rucola salad (Arugula or Rocket in English) and marinated vegetables into a dish. The phone can ring all it wants now....
However...something warming in the evening...and I decided to try the present from this winery owner...Hans-Peter Espe.

Shelter Winery
Pinot Noir 2007

Baden, Germany
If the title of this post made you are gonna be disappointed. A Pinot Noir in Canada!!!
A property in Baden... who's first vintage was 2003.The name comes from the Canadian Air Force bunker where Hans-Bert Espe and Silke Wolf started making wine. They now have more modern premises. I had the 2004 a couple of years ago...and it had potential.
I read recently that someone thought the 2005 was overt with sweet a California Pinot. I can only go by the 2004 and this one. I thought it 'spritely and lively'.....with a real juicy feel. Small forest strawberries on the nose. I remember hearing an American in a German restaurant..on seeing these small delicate type of strawberry..and then hollering 'In Texas..we have BIG Strawberries!'...but back to the has a medium obtrusive oak....even though it spends 18 months in French barrels....tannin layed-back...and a good finish. The bottle has a glass stopper...which may have been used when Herr Esper was travelling to sell his wine...I met him on our vacation recently......can't remember seeing this type of closure for a mid-priced Pinot in Germany.
Points 16.5


Anonymous said...

The Pinot Noirs I have tasted from the Okanagan have been all over the place. Pity!

Bob from Alberta.

Joe said...

my father-in-law used to be stationed there, he'll get a kick out of knowing that the property has been put to good use...

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