Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paris Aftermath

Life has it's ups and downs..in the last 10 days..a bereavement in the family and a pleasant business trip to Paris. A city with a certain style..and a memory of a restaurant where we had dinner..with a bagful of oysters in ice..lying on the street..and the chef regularly collecting a few and opening them for eager customers.....the place had an open front..with street heaters for warmth..so smokers could enjoy an evening drink..all very French..the German health office would have gone gray if it happened here.
Back home.....and off to Spain for this one...

Mauro 2005
Tudelo de Duero,
Castilly y Léon, Spain

Deep purple....georgeous thick black fruit on the nose...dark wood..touch of sweeet oak..some mocha and coffee..the palate shows more rich sweet oak traces..with a back palate of approachable tannins..doesn't lay heavy on the tongue....rather a dancer than a stomper I thought....but the 14.5 % hit me later...share it..not a one-man bottle..at least..not in one evening.
Points 17.5

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