Thursday, November 27, 2008

Domaine Dream Wines

The Domaine Mechtildshausen is situated near Wiesbaden close to the U.S. army base and is a state owned farm growing it's own organic products. They even have Charolais cows.... The photos show the beautiful gardens..there is also a bakery.. a butcher..a supermarket..
a cafe..a bistro..and the restaurant.
It was a Wednesday and the place was full.....
Now..the wines....
I have a saying..from nothing comes nothing!!!!
If I walked into a restaurant as a group of 5..and asked for the would not hear from me for an hour. Funny looks from other guests..and a grumpy wife.
So..if the internet has no information..and the restaurant is nearby....I visit well in advance to choose the wines. Makes me much-loved with everybody!
The Domaine has a wine-list to die for.....but don't tell anybody..this is between you & I.
There is an extensive Burgundy list...but why wander away from home..German reds interested me..

Josef Leitz Rüdesheimer Berg Kaisersteinfels
Riesling Spätlese Trocken 2002
Rheingau, Germany
Sleek and silky....some peach tones...lost most of it's baby fat..and the spicy grip keeping this at attention. Elegant and perfect right now..some petroleum...aged Riesling is a dream
Points 16.75

Köhler-Ruprecht Philippi Pinot Noir RR 1999
Pfalz, Germany
Deep this typical Pinot here...
Dark cherries and red fruits..spices...very concentrated..with a biting tannin that adds to it's charm. Port and liquorice came to mind...reminded me of a Grand Cru from the Côte de much depth..a touch of smoke...14% alcohol on the label...a southern hemisphere wine would be a head-banger..but this retains an elegance...long finish...and an hour in glass finally showed it's softer side. Very good indeed
Points 18

Paul Fürst Frühburgunder Auslese R 1997

Franken, Germany
Frühburgunder is an early-ripening mutation of Pinot Noir.
Compared to the above wine...much lighter..although no way pale..a little reserved at first...but enticing red berry fruit...ripe sweetness some tobacco..marzipan...elegant compared to the Philippi...more juicy..beautifully structured and a good long finish.
Points 17.75

Heyl zu Herrnsheim Pettental Riesling Auslese 1999

Rheinhessen, Germany
Lovely nose...honey-toned...fine weight in the mouth...the usual mineral notes...racy..exotic fruits.
A lovely half-bottle to finish off a great flight of wines ( I told you I would be loved)
Points 17


Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

this reminds me of something ;=P .
Nearly the same wines we had there!! We go there again on saturday, what a coincidence. Did you spot any bargain white and red by the way? (Weihnachtsfeier-type of wines)



Barry said...

Hi Alex,
Not such a coincidence...the Leitz I tried on your recommendation...

and the Heyl was a half bottle for 4...

The two in the middle I can recommend(smile)..but as your Christmas group may include gulpers...a bit on the expensive side. are the reason maybe..we couldn't get a table for Saturday...

Joe said...

Thanks for the tip, Barry - I frequently bore my guests and piss off my wife when I dive into a wine list - I may leave her for a sommelier...

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

somehow I left a comment some days ago that didn't get through...
Anyways, dinner was good, had a nice Spätburgunder by Heger. Didn't look into the winelist though this time.
Sorry we blocked the restaurant on Sat hehe, but it seems that even on weekdays a spontaneous visit is impossible there. It would be easier if they raise prices I guess hehe. Just joking.

All the best