Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicken and 904

A wine full of memories....been around for ages....would they change their style when all the new wave wines came along?...No Chance!!...same old traditional wines.
Heard that a wine magazine in Germany gave this 19 points...hmmmm that's almost 105 Parker points!
La Rioja Alta
Gran Reserva 904 1995

Rioja, Spain
Quite deep with some brown at rim...the 904 was always a Bordeaux fan...and this has cedar, tobacco..more Havana than any other..truffle tones..leather....trace of sweetness from the oak...smoky Tempranillo...lively on the palate..almost a sour-like acidity..not unattractive..a wine from a time-gone-by in style...quite complex..only down side..I just feel that it is drying of the minuses of wines spent long in wood. Nowhere near 19 points..but worth
Points 17.25
perfect with the 'pollo'..that's chicken to you in Spanish

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