Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two Sides To The Coin

Two sides to the coin...?...some wines improve with each glass..some go downhill.
Two wines..tasted on consecutive days...but a completely different outcome.
Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz 2005
Barossa Valley, Australia

Deep, black-purple..shiny glossy colour.... I was afraid of an 'overdose' on the nose...but it is quite elegant and reserved...not a 'head-banger'..cassis..soft leather...plums....This reminded me of a Northern
Rhône...grainy tannins...soft, velvety mouthful..peppery and spicy.....all this noted after the first glass. is where I have is a crowd-pleaser..trying not to overdo it...but the bright lights go to it's head....and as I took a second glass..something is's not the 14.5%...many Rhônes have is just that the interest keep me wanting more at one sitting. This will impress at a tasting....and maybe the Barossa Valley is 'dammed' to make only this can't change your spots if you are a leopard....but hey...drink it with a few friends..a single glass will give it a point more than I did at the finish.
Points 16.5 € 24.50

I have no doubt that there are wonderful Australian Shiraz...check out Edward's blog..he hogs them all!
We can't buy them in Europe.
But there beloved Spätb
urgunder is rarely sent across the he may be envious of my luck.

The 'bottle-cleaner' tree in all it's glory.

Offered as an absolute bargain..and a third in price of the above wine.
Borgoforte Villa Pillo 2006
Tuscany, Italy

Dark colour..ruby-red rim...blackberry smells...some liquorice...thick fruit...full-bodied..firm, but silky style tannins..the Merlot popped it's head up after a while..only 10% in is 55% Sangiovese and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon. A chewy, typical Tuscan....which opened up after 2 hours..and got better..quite the reverse to the Australian Shiraz.
Points 16.5 € 7.50.......lay it down a year or two.... may be worth more.
As I said..two sides to the coin...


Edward said...

If only some cooler climate Aussie shiraz could make it to your corner of the world. There's some interesting things happening, outside of the Barossa - which seems to produce many stylistically similar wines - hedonistic, full and raisin flavoured.

Joe said...

Hi Barry - you could pretty much pull any IGT and Barrrosa Shiraz and get the same result. Not a disappointment per se, just need to know what you are getting in to...

Barry said...

Joe...I guessed what it would be like...but I have these voices..telling me to try Aussie Syrah...I guess I need leading by the there a kind Doctor in the house?