Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Busy Bees

Two busy bees....one..
the German one...finding our
'bottle cleaner' plant irresistible...

The other.....me...you fools...
and some wines I tried recently...

Vie de Romans Piere 2005
Friaul, Italy
One of my favourites of this grape...made from 100% mostly Italian-clone Sauvignon Blanc....this opens with a fresh, even spritzy nose...steely...minerals...
it developes as you let it air...but I bottled this up and tried the rest 3 days later...it really filled out..bananas and apples..and some cream. Good finish..no sour gooseberry or cat's pee...wonderful for that alone.
Points 17

Jean Stodden Spätburgunder JS 2005
Ahr, Germany
Spicy nose was the first impression..dry, dusty cherry fruit.. Stodden's style is not the most sexy when young..whereas Meyer-Nakäl and Adeneuer show you a 'shapely thigh'..all you get here is a glimpse of an ankle. The dry dustiness covers the palate..layed-back and not too sympatico at the moment...which surprised me..as most 2005 of the middle quality show well. No improvement next day....
Points 15.5

Chateau de la Negly La Clape 'La Falaise' 2005
Coteaux du Languedoc, France
Drink more Syrah was the message...is 60% OK....can someone shout drink 30% Mourvedre & 10% Grenache?. Then finally I will get it right.
Black cherry aroma, cassis..very dominant..sweet French oak; satin-textured & intense, elegant, sweet black fruits and some creamy vanilla, tannins which strangely increased with airing.....this is a 'living' wine..never boring...was it my imagination..but the tannins seemed to dominant with airing..and next day..the wine had a slightly treacle style. As I said..living...
Points 17


Edward said...

But what shape was the ankle ;)

A lovely metaphor, I understand at once.

Barry said...

ankle was not rounded...bit bony...but sometimes..only sometimes..an ankle can lead to a thigh....so I'm told