Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Fiery Sicilian

Nero d'Avola is Sicily's most popular red grape, used in the region's bestselling varietal wine. Until the 1980s, commercial use of Nero d'Avola was dedicated almost exclusively to fortifying weaker reds in France and northern Italy. In the past Nero d'Avola, like other Sicilian reds, was often syrupy, with an alcohol content reaching eighteen percent....too strong for table wines. The name, which literally means "Avola Black," is a good description.

New viticulture techniques and night harvesting...placing the grapes in cooled vats to present premature fermentation-- have been used by a few vintners to retain flavor without producing an overpowering wine. The result is often compared to Syrah.

Azienda Dô Zenner 'Terra delle Sirene' Nero d'Avola 2005
Sicily, Italy
Nine times out of ten..I decide what I will drink a couple of hours beforehand...24 hours is only ever the 'norm'..when I know guests are coming. And anyway..what better way to get to know a wine..than to watch it develope.
Such was the case here.....
Deep colour...touch of iron on the nose..which quickly disappeared..but was a sign of the state of the wine...brittle tannins..fiery..some exotic spices...trace of marzipan...quite hard work..
Close the bottle..same cork..on it's side..the day.
Calmed down..berry fruit..still peppery on the tongue..but showing some coolness now..quite complex...good long finish.
Points 16.5


Joe said...

still waiting for that "Nero d'Avola" moment, haven't had it yet...

Barry said...

Yes Joe...this was recommended as one of the I wouldn't readily order just any Nero in a acquired taste methinks...