Thursday, July 24, 2008

Best Riesling 2007

From nowt comes they say in parts of North England...from nothing comes nothing elsewhere only get out what you put in!
I read quite a few wine magazines...and all have their regular tastings.The secret is..when a wine has made a top and find AT ONCE..or you may never know how it was.
By the time most magazines are on the market..some of the wines are sold out. My success at finding these wines has been about 50%.
'Weinwelt' is a very good German magazine...and regularly have tastings on various parts of Germany. So it was that the latest one was on Rieslings 2007. They had tried over 1500...and the wine below came out on top. I managed to find 3 € 14 each.

Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan
Auf der Mauer Riesling 2007
Pfalz, Germany
Day 1
Riesling and Minerals go together like Sausage and Mash...and this one is packed full at the moment..but real harmony..after tasting it ..the marking of 93 points seemed too high.....that's about 18 in my language....!!!....I don't doubt it was the best of the wines tasted...but on checking the others..none was above €15..and some of the wines I have tried recently were not in their the cork in..try in find something next day.
Points 16.25
Day 2
A meal of light curry in coconut milk....give it a chance a change..full aroma of yellow fruits...broad structure developed..layers of fruit on the palate..lovely weight...but keeping it's dry mineral style...some honey..slightly creamy..very good finish..absolutely delicious with the food..and had the bottle been FULL..I would have tried to finish it. A two day wine..maybe even a three day Lyle found out...
Points 17.5
Strangely..the Hirsch Gaisberg Riesling from the previous post...was poor the next day...


Edward said...

What does the label image signify?

I'm must be just like you - scouring wine retailers soon after reading various wine publications.

Barry said...

Edward..that is the Probus label..
Designed in 1905 by Alois Balmer, it is used for all dry Riesling wines from the Estate.Probus was the emperor whose knights permitted wine-growing, making this possible for the first time in the Pfalz.
Hail Probus I say....

Joe said...

that is a seriously good review for 14 euros, but I guess that price is meaningless if there is none available.

Barry said...

Where shall I send the bottle?

Joe said...

I'll be coming by to pick it up someday.