Thursday, July 31, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

Having been a music lover for as long as I can
remember..I could probably find a song to fit
every wine situation....
Dinah Washington's 'What A Difference A Day Makes'..could apply to a few recent wines...but with this repeat drink from just about 12 months needs to be ' What A Difference A Year Makes'.

Back t
hen the wine was pleasant but showing only it's bear bones...a gawky year on..and this has developed beautifully.
Reinhold & Cornelia Schneider
Weisse Burgunder

Spätlese 'Trio' trocken 2005
Baden, Germany
A definite hint of smoky woodlands...and sweet oak..tantalising the nostrils..same cream on the a peach in a bowl of cream....the acidity wrapped around..a delightful drink...and the rest( a large glass) in the bottle..was still perfect 2 days later.
Points 16.75

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