Saturday, January 19, 2008

Simple Fare

This Domaine is in Fuissé..but the Chardonnay here (actually written on the back label) is from a village near Meursault. The vines are up to 60 years old.
Robert Denogent Bourgogne Blanc
Ultime Vieilles Vignes 2004
Murgey de Limozen,
Burgundy, France
How best to describe this..first impression..plainly dressed girl with a heart of gold.

Some butter and cream on the and elegant..a little layed back..but the flavour shows it's 'heart'...concentrated old vines...and not a wine you can drink and chat need to work with it...exotic fruits...minerally..and a slight 'spritz'
at the finish.
Points 16
Liver with brown mushrooms in a white wine sauce and some pasta..simple fare that is are many simple things in life.

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