Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pinot Cup Winner

Every Good Wine Needs A Story.
Each year in November..the German magazine 'Wein Gourmet' hold a tasting called Pinot Cup....with entries from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. By the time the results appear in the magazine..the top wines have sold out!!!! My guess is the tasters themselves get first bite of the cherry (or in this case..first slurp
of the wine)..and all the readers get...are the results. I try to get pre-print results..and in December 2006 found that today's wine has won first place. I contacted the vineyard..Herr Schmitt answered..and I told him they called me Mr Pinot and I would like some of his wine. 'How many bottles' he asked? Twelve was my answer..which was followed by a chuckle..'you can have two'...I suppose this was some sort of it was the first time I have managed to get anything following these tastings. I also purchased 12 bottles of his '2nd' wine..a Spätburgunder and Domina cuvee and whenever I tried this over the last year..I was reminded of the Pinot Cup and my two bottles of „S“.

When do you drink jewels?...wait forever ?..
Forever is only a corkscrew away.
Roast chicken with chicken liver filling
and red cabbage cried out for a

Pinot/Spätburgunder...and after pulling and pushing the bottle back and to in the cellar..I hurriedly opened it (in case I changed my mind again)...............
and sat back to 'Run with a Winner'
Schmitts Kinder
Randersackerer Sonnenstuhl

Spätburgunder trocken „S“ 2004
Franken, Germany
Gorgeous perfumed aroma...fine...elegant ...cherries..persistant...very seductive..medium full velvety much charm..liquid marzipan with a juicyness to set the taste buds off...and a long finish. I only managed 2/3 of the bottle and placed it in the fridge until the next was just as good without losing any of it's faculties. If only Herr Schmitt had let me have more.

Points 18.5

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