Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comparitive Dead Heat

A juicy pork steak with 'Austernpilze'(oyster mushrooms) and roast potatoes..who says I never eat simple?? The meal needed Pinot (nowadays I find any excuse to drink my heart-breaker grape).

Wöhrwag Pinot Noir Trocken 2005

Württemberg, Germany
Lightish colour with pale rim; complex aromas of cherries and raspberries; cool style...delicate
fruit...reminds me of the Ahr wines grown on slate..dry but lovely juicyness..mouth-watering. Burgundian in style..and one gets the impression that the grower has a real affection for this grape.
Very good wine.
Points 17.5

With the rest of the previous evening's bottle still available(but not enough)..the perfect idea was a half-bottle.

Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder Selection
Rhini 2004
Baden, Germany
I had purchased 36 half-bottles..always useful..and have tried to wait 6 months between trying them..or it will be perfect when I drink the last bottle!. A few months ago I had tried the full version in a local was still tight...bursting to get out.This half is obviously more advanced. Medium ageing...aroma of dark berries and nice touch of oak...still thick and fairly tight..but the soft tannins are and spicy fruit.
Points 17.5+

Knowing how the Rhini 2002 is nowadays..I really must leave the 2004 alone for at least another 6 months.
Comparing the 2 styles..the Rhini from Baden was more like slices of marzipan compared to the Württemberger with it's elegant style..but there are many roads to both were very pleasing.

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