Thursday, January 24, 2008

Britney Bolognese

Don't you just like surprises.
I had ordered a mixed case from this grower..
and had been generally disapointment with
all of them..especially after the hype
and the prizes they had won.
It was more in
desperation that I decided to try the
'final' bottle of the six...

Spaghetti Bolognese can be like 'Britney Spears'...
difficult companion at the best of times.
I was going
to leave the bottle for a few years...
but fate took my hand..
I'd better stop here..this is getting to poetic.

OK..back to the wine
Maibachfarm Dernauer Schieferlay
Spätburgunder 2006
Ahr, Germany
Smoke and dark cherries on the aggressiveness I had noted in the other wines....sweet opening mouthfull..nicely structured...soft and delicate..went down well..flowery style with a well-balanced bench of fruit.
Very good..and complimented 'Britney' as well as could be expected.
Points 16.5


RougeAndBlanc said...

Sad to say - If this wine is like a Britney. It is meant for 'enjoy now'! With all the addictives in the body, who know what Britney will turn into when she matures?

BTW: I tasted 2 2006 Rieslings at a retail tasting: Keller Grosses Gewachs Kirchspiel & Hubacker.They are tight as nuns!

Barry said...

Hi Rouge..the wine thankfully was not like should develope over the next few years..
The comparison was more about the difficulty finding a match with Spaghetti Bolognese