Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ahr First Growths

My wife & I are at the age where we don't give each other presents at Christmas..we save the money for a break or to go out for a meal. There are no rules about giving ourselves gifts tho..well..that's my excuse...

Continuing my search for Spätburgunder from the Ahr...I purchased a case of top-end wines from the 2003 & 2004 vintages...all 'Grosses Gewächs'(First Growths)..

Looking forward over the next 2 weeks to tasting these (hopefully) gems.

Adeneuer 2004 Ahrweiler Rosenthal
Spätburgunder "Grosses Gewächs" trocken

Deutzerhof 2004 Altenahrer Eck
Spätburgunder "Grosses Gewächs" trocken

Kreuzberg 2004 Neuenahrer Schieferlay
Spätburgunder "Grosses Gewächs" trocken

Meyer Nakäl 2003 Neuenahrer Sonnenberg
Spätburgunder "Grosses Gewächs" trocken

Nelles 2003 Heimersheimer Landskrone

Spätburgunder "Grosses Gewächs" trocken

Stodden 2003 Recher Herrenberg
Spätburgunder JS Auslese *** trocken

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RougeAndBlanc said...

Thanks for your introduction of German Pinot. Unfortunately, in U.S, there seems to be a lack of interest in these wines and finding them is almost impossible.