Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Malmsey 1920

The gastronomie are going through a difficult time. They have done so much to follow the rules...and I would feel safer in a restaurant than at the gates of the local school!
My good friend Karl...Gasthof Rebstock...is closed at the moment. That does not stop me visiting him. I get room 7...and spend the days walking, reading, maybe watch a movie...then up to his apartment in the evening. One of us cooks...and we enjoy the wines.
One visit recently...and I decided it was time to take along this bottle. It had been in the cellar 30 years and every time I found it...could not decide when and where to open it. Why not on it's century birthday.

I have drank 'older' Madeira...Madeira...but they were Solera...which means that the barrel was topped up with equal quality vintages until it was bottled.

I had decanted the wine before leaving home. Cleaned out the bottle then poured the liquid back into it's century old abode.
We sat out as the evening was warm...food was finished...cork was viewed.

Wine poured...smelled...tasted. The usual formular. I made some notes...but when you drink old wines...you always tend to associate with history. The First World War was just over...my mum (who is 96) was not yet born...a world so different to today and this bottle had been filled with a magic juice. We had planned to drink a small amount but a second glass was needed. Karl called his head chef up...he tried a glass. There was still some in the bottle...so after pouring a small amount in a water bottle...to take back home...the remains were given to Karl. He had been saying that on Friday evenings there is a tour of his wine cellar for guests. He is always asked...'What is the oldest wine you have in your cellar?'. As soon as the lockdown is over...guess what he will be showing them.                                


Cossart Malmsey 1920

Clear, pale garnet. Aromas of almond, walnut, fudge, chocolate,
sweet dates and Christmas pudding. Perfect acidity, medium body and long finish. Very complex. Memorable wine.
Points 19



David Stevenson said...

Good to see you back! I had planned a visit to the Rebstock last autumn but had to cancel when Scotland was added to Germany’s “high risk” list. I was booked into my usual room.... number 7! Hopefully things will improve enough so I can get back this year.

Barry said...

My room as well...found a few empty bottles under the bed. Now I know why...