Friday, January 29, 2021

Steak for Kings

Meat is not meat. Steaks are never cheap if the quality is good. I have a local eatery that does really good rump steaks. Outside of them...I would never risk it. Never seems worth the money.

As so it was...that I landed in a shop in Mainz...'EdelBeef'.
Huge sides of beef behind glass...massive selection of top meat. I dived in and told the owner to give me a selection. Four different cuts...price? never ask a woman her don't ask the price.

I have always wanted to try the Japanese Kobe Beef...Kagoshima Entrecote was the selection.
Hot pan...two minutes each side...then onto a warm oven tray and at 60 degrees....15 minutes to develope.
I will never forget the first mouthful. It looked perfect after cutting a piece.
It looked like steak...but just seemed to melt in the mouth. Unforgetable!

Two other cuts were Ok(and not as as get what you pay for)
The last one I had popped into the deep freezer after purchase and was looking forward to this Australian version...Westholme Waygu.


          From the shop                 Pre-Oven                      Read to eat

 So...when I feel like going over the top....I will treat myself to the Japanese version...but the Aussie would not be any trouble.



Edward said...

Barry - I'm v impressed your steak cooking. I had initially though you had cooked it sous vide from the pictures (the steak in the vacuum sealed bag). . .

Barry said...

Hi Ed...
That is the way they packed them as I wanted to freeze a few.