Friday, January 29, 2021

Classy Glasses

I have loads of wine glasses...all those years of drinking the stuff.
Lots have broken...others are too thick...
Anyway...I decided to buy some new ones...just for me.
The first was great...the other a mistake.
My I only realised when it had arrived...that it had a stem...but no foot. It is recommended as the perfect glass. Pour in a small amount of wine (not for drinkers who fill to the rim)...smell, taste...then lie it down on the table. There is a small flat side to the bowl. It works but is not going to be a regular visitor to the table.

The other glasses I saw on the net...four different from Riedel.
Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet.

Previous posts...Polish Hill Riesling and Chablis were tried in the respective glasses. Perfect. I also tried using the 'wrong' glass...and to be honest..there is a difference. That does not mean if you want to drink good wine you have to have special glasses. They just look and feel good..and we wine freaks are a bit crazy!


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David Stevenson said...

The Riedel glasses are good - I stocked up on them at the Kaufhof sale on various visits back to Germany.
However, after being given wine in a Zalto glass on a visit to Ziereisen, I had to have one. They are feather light and great for Spatburgunder. So it was a trip to Lorey in Frankfurt on the way back. But you need to be very careful when drying....