Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Return Of The Blogger

Age, other interests, business, and a whole lot of other reasons have meant that the blog has been empty of anything to do with wine, food or gastronomical pleasures.
I can't promise this reappearance guarantees permanent reports...but it is a start!
The silence did not mean I had stopped eating and drinking...just that I could not be bothered writing much down. Eat, drink...and mind your own business.

Where to start then? How about with a polish Australian? I smiled as I smelled from my new Riedel Riesling glass. A few years ago at a tasting with friends Volker and Robert...the bottles had been covered...Robert had offered up this Aussie. I sniffed and tasted...and guessed the wine. No idea why...but a previous tasting had stayed with me.

Corona has meant less enjoying my refound hobby...Snooker(Google it). What to do with so much time? Start to cook I thought...and I have. Nothing world beating...but good enough for my daughters to insist we would not get take-aways when they visit.
So here we are...first post...and the meal was pasta filled with truffel in a  mushroom sauce.

The first wine:

Grosset Polish Hill 2018
Clare Valley
South Australia

Very good right now, with potential to develop into something more with another 5-10 years of bottle age. What I love...notes of petrol...white flowers, slate on the nose.
Steely acidity, beautiful balance. I expected a harsher palate but this is already enjoyble. Citrus and pears.
Points 17.5


Edward said...

Barry - excellent to see you are still in fine form. There's v. few of us old bloggers still at it. The Polish Hill is so such intensity when compared to its Clare Valley peers.

Barry said...

Love it...and I find it is fairly priced..Euros 33,--