Friday, April 17, 2015

Trio Mix

Australian white wines were always top heavy with oak..but I have heard (and seen at Wine Sapien)  that they are changing. The press also bumps them as I am into more whites than reds at the moment...this well-rated wine was seen on a list. Only one bottle...and screw no way to use the Coravin.
Tolpuddle Chardonnay 2012
Tasmania, Australia

On was bright and fresh....lean and lemony. Sulpher apples...but generally only promise. Treid agian next day...and over a 5 days period. it seemed to not want to please me and the acidity held back any creamy fruit . The finish left me wanting some...and after the hype..I was disappointed. Did I just get a poor bottle?
Points 15

As I am refraining from drinking red wine (in one week I will be indulging in something special) I decided to purchase a rosé. This must be the first in 10 years!! There was some 'iffy' stuff back in the day. South of France you took a 5 litre plastic container to the Co-Operative...and with the sun beating seemed just fine. I once took home a few bottles...but the climate and surroundings...or merely the thought that you were back home...made the enjoyment null.

Rosé de Diel 2013
Nahe, Germany

Diel wines I like...both red and white. This is a real rosé and not cheap (hey ...if you are gonna drink the stuff...don't be cheap).
Delicate trace of Pinot with a lively acidity...not over sweet..and with enough interest to enjoy a couple of glasses. I would never buy cases of an rosé...but when needs take what you are allowed.
Points 15


The final of this mixed trio is from South Africa...where...if you believe all the where the next rush of excellent wines will emerge.

Springfield Estate Methode Ancienne Chardonnay 2009
Robertson, South Africa
The technique with wild yeast and no fining/filtration is the information I got.
Only made in top years. Old vine nose...quite funky really...touch of toast. Butter and cream but in no way fat. Quite complex...and should age well.

Points 16

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Edward said...


I'm impressed that you could find this and that you were game to try something from Australia and for that matter Tasmania. This has garnered good reviews locally, but I thought it sweet and big. Tasmania is the coolest and most southerly part of Oz, but it does sometimes mean the wines are bigger and bolder, not unlike the wines of Central Otago in New Zealand.