Friday, April 17, 2015

Flowers & Friends

The photo above has nothing to do with this post...but this is to please my wife.

Meeting up with friends is always a pleasure...and wine friends more so as you all have a one-track mind. Good Wine.
Volker, Robert and myself have decided to meet once a month at our local eatery Schaab Louis and each bring a bottle along. As Volker has moved away and whites wine would have been a little warm on his arrival...I took along 2 bottles. Robert, our local wine merchant provided the first of our trio. All tasted blind and the guessing began.

Domaine Les Aurelles Aurel Blanc 2009

Coteaux du Languedoc, France

One grape I can usually guess early in Rousanne. This is 100%.
The estate uses no wood and sells it's wine after longer aging.
Yellow/gold can see the sun shining on the vineyards...
Buttery aroma...some spices...lovely weight in the mouth...smooth...
and warmed as it warmed in the glass. Nice surprise.
Points 16.5

Keller Riesling Kirchspiel 2006
Rheinhessen, Germany

I had drank a bottle of the Kirchspiel last September...vintage 2011...

and had been knocked out by it. Hans-Peter Keller is the top man inRheinhessen...and the G-Max Rieslings sells for horror prices.
I saw this on Ebay...and as nobody was around...I stole it for a fair price.
Yellow/ gold again...I love the nose...aging beautifully...peaches and grapefruit...nice minerals wrapped around the sames fruits...with some Litschi in there. The acidity is just right ( for me I find too much is TOO MUCH). Again..improved as it warmed in the glass...this was my favourite.
Points 17.5

F.X. Pichler Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Von Den Terrassen 2001
Wachau, Austria
There is always a cry of...'hopefully it is not too old for a Grüner
Veltliner'... and the answer is...a Smaragd is made to age...maybe not always

14 years as in this case...but 2001 was a very good vintage...and F. X. is one
of the masters in the Wachau.
However, being wary...I had zapped of a small glass the previous day. Coravin, I thank you!
The nose throws up some intense herbal smells. Tobacco as is usual. smells elderly (not old) and is maybe an aquired taste...but once in a while you gotta do it...the palate shows plenty of balance...although I will admit that the minerality has gone AWOL. Still with enough power to wander the planet for a few years...but we won't go there.

Points 16.5

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