Thursday, April 02, 2015

Nun Vinya Del Taus

Cal Raspallet Nun Vinya Del Taus 2013
Penedes, Spain

Enric Soler is the man behind this rare white from Spain. He is a Spanish sommelier and his grandfather left him the vineyard. Don't we all wish for a grandparent like that! Planted in had been an airfield before. Now it is flying high ( that's the last joke I promise). The grape is you win all bets if you ask your friends guess.  The first vintage of a white wine was 2004 and the vines were too young but now they are rolling.
First night I had used the Corovin to try a small glass...and the potential showed. This needed 3 days later I took the rest along to a local eatery. The nose is still backward...but wild and having fallen into a bramble bush but knew the fruit was worth it. White fruit and fresh flowers. Lively persistent acidity keeps swirling the fruit around. Oak perfectly integrated and the palate throws up a creaminess that reminds me of White Burgundy. I am any Meursault look-a likes (in this case smell & taste-a-likes) are fine by me. Conncetrated and a wine maybe for advanced wine instant crowd-pleaser here. Elegant and with a long finish. Buy and air before drinking...or leave it alone for a year or two.

The 2011 had been tried a few days before...I remember more softness obviously

here you have the adventure and the excitement of youth.

Points 17.25

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