Sunday, July 21, 2013

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

We had not seen some good friends for a while...and the eatery had been recommended. 'Der Löwe' in Frankfurt. The chef was on T.V. We almost changed things shortly before we left home...but decided 'The Lion' it would be. A warm summer evening and a table in the garden. 
I had called a few days before...asking about the wine-list. I did not want to spend too much time decidind. The answer on the phone that I would not have difficulty deciding was correct. Five whites and five reds! The waiter recommended a white not on the list and we ordered starters.

The food was....solid....

Joachim Flick Riesling Charta 2010
Rheingau, Germany

A solid enough Riesling...which needed the food.

Points 15

Main courses....were solid...but no real flair.

No silver linings yet...

The red was was the only one on the list that really appealed. Künstler's Spätburgunder was one of the first German reds that had made me sit up...and search for more.

Franz Künstler Tradition Spätburgunder 2009
Rheingau, Germany

Typical Pinot aromas with some smokiness. Grippy tannins...not too much oak...and a real delightful drink.
At last...the silver lining
Points 16.25

Of course...and evening with old friends is a SILVER LINING...we laughed...planned to meet again in three weeks time...and I choose the location!

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