Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We all enjoy a Barbecue...that is...when we don't have to Barbecue!
Better to be a Guest than a Host!

Therefore...an invit from Daughter Number 1 to celebrate her birthday...and off we went to Wiesbaden on a warm summer evening.
Son-in-Law, Wife & Daughter
King Prawns
King Prawns and a Fresh Salad
                                           Johann Topf Chardonnay Hasel 2009
                                            Kamptal, Austria
                             I do like the Chardonnays from Austria.
                             The growers there seem to balance the creamy           
                             fruit with rippling minerals..
                             This has a touch of exotic fruit...soft            

                             toast...glossy...banana....just a delight to drink.
                             Points 17.25

Baby Calimari

Tomato Salad
Steaks & Spare Ribs
                            Crystallum Pinot Noir 2009,
                                   Walker Bay, South Africa

                            Cherries...sour cherries...giving it a thirst-quenching
                            feel...and just about right for a Barbecue. Tannins are 
                            relatively supple...and the soft earthy taste of Pinot will 
                            also benefit from a year or two in the cellar.
                            Points 17

                               Schubert Marion's Vineyard
                                       Pinot Noir 2009
                                      Wairapapa, New Zealand

                                The name gives away the information...
                                a German winemaker producing competition for his
                                homeland.Black fruit...with blcky toasty tannins, Very
                                good balance...and the ripe fruit developed with a few
                                swirls and the cool evening air. Sweet at times...but
                                that it what gets us Pinot freaks...why would we want
                                austerity when we can get soft juicy thrills here.
                                Points 17.25

                              Happy to watch someone else slaving over the Barbie.

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