Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Home for Sauvignon Blanc?

Sauvignon Blanc was never a grape that was constantly passing my lips...and don't expect me to suck on a gooseberry if you offered me one!.
However, I am being convinced more and more that in Austria...there are great wines made from the grape and, more importantly, wines made in a style that suit me.
The two below are obviously from the top end...but were worth every penny.

Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc
Moarfeitl 2009

South East Styria, Austria
Not a well-known property....More gloss than glass if you get my drift...but that is not a complaint...just the way the wine comes over. A luxurious Sauuvignon Blanc aroma...large barrels are used but the oak comes over so well integrated...there are exotic fruits and yellow peppers...and a trace of vanilla. Even at this age it is very drinkable and very harmonious. Soft and mild even....but on the second day it broadened it's shoulders and there was a gentle explosion of fruit on the palate. A solid wine with mild acidity...and as do many of the Smaragd wines of Austria...they remind me a lot of excellent Condrieu...which gets me every time.
Points 17.75

Tement Sauvignon Blanc
Zieregg 2008

South Styria, Austria
Manfred Tement is more well-known however....Glass Stopper...Purists...get used to it! A spiky diamond...intense lychees and grapefruit...very fine acidity pushing the fruit upwards and onwards...elegant and good use of oak...will improve even more
Points 17.5 - 17.75


Tom said...


Am a big fan of SB from Styria and ,yes, Tement is rightly one of the best-known names there - I was very impressed with the Zieregg recently:

Noel Young is the usual importer, but he is not taking any this year due to a combination of price (it has shot up recently) and, Noel says, excessive sulphur, which I didn't notice myself.

Polz from Styria is also worth investigating:

Cheers, Tom

Wine Rambler said...

Like you I don't seem to get that excited about Sauvignon Blanc, but I find that both Austria and Germany do the variety in a style that more reliably pleases me than other countries. I knew about Neumeister, but Tement seems to be one to watch!

Barry said...

Hi Tom...
posted about the
Polz Sauvignon Blanc
Hochgrassnitzberg 2008
a few days ago.

Every time I open one of the top wines there is an anticipation.

I never thought I'd rave about the grape...except for a few examples over the years.
Both properties are worth getting hold of...along with Sattlerhof, Polz, Sabathi(Erwin) & Jaunegg.

Living in Germany it is easy to find them...although I order from an Austrian merchant because of their wide range.