Saturday, July 30, 2011

Red Vintage 2009

The vintage 2009....wherever you hear or read...a red wine vintage...definitely in Germany...and I am on the lookout now as the mid to top wines are released. New Zealand Pinot is being highly talked about for the vintage...and even Beaujolais is to be searched out. The U.S.A. not to be left behind, are saying it is the best Pinot year ever!
Jim Clendenen was destined to be a lawyer when a holiday trip to Burgundy infused him with the idea of becoming a wine grower instead. He returned to California, rejected all notions of a career in the law and established Au Bon Climat Winery in 1982. The vines he planted lie at the foot of the Bien Nacido vineyard, one of the finest sites in California, ideal for the production of the refined, Burgundian style of Pinot Noir to which Jim so aspires.
He has always been a favourite of mine...and I have rarely had a poor matter what vintage!
Au Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley
Pinot Noir 2009

California, U.S.A.

Dark smokey nose...cherries...juicy and velvety...cinnamon fat & sweet style here...Jim is a master of his trade.
A fruity dancer with all ingredients perfectly shared.
Points 17.25

and after all the above... I was tempted to open this 'baby'

Ata Rangi
Pinot Noir 2009

Martinborough, New Zealand

Nose was very tight....and at first seems green...loads of dark fruits hidden behind the mask...cherries and rose petals with airing. Surprisingly more attractive on the palate...very fine tannins....soft earthy flavour....but again...a lot of it is guessing at the moment. Glad I tried it now...but the second bottle gets left in the cellar a while.

Points 17.5
...but with a point more in 5 years

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Edward said...


Could it be that you have become even more impatient than me! I've not even had a chance to purchase any of the 09 Ata Rangi.