Saturday, July 16, 2011

Classic Whites

Volker had returned from Austria and called to say the usual 'trio'...Robert, our wine-merchant friend and the two of us should meet at his place. Each person bringing a bottle of white. Ah ha I thought....Volker's wine will be something he bought in South Styria. It had been a warm day and we sat under the veranda which was a good idea as the heavens opened about the same time we opened the three whites. All were covered up and we drew lots to decide the order. My wine was first up
F.X. Pichler
Riesling Smaragd von der Terrassen 1998

Wachau, Austria

White wine at this age is a risk so I had taken along another bottle of wine in case. was holding up well. Golden colour and a very ripe Riesling smell.

Points 17.25

Robert's choic
e was next.
Gantenbein Chardonnay 2009
Fläsch, Switzerland

I guessed a top Chardonnay but no idea from where. What a lovely surprise when I saw what it was. A week earlier I had been chatting with Robert and casually mentioned that, although I had tried a few of the property's great Pinot Noir, I had never tasted the Chardonnay. It is rare...and costs around € 90,--. Is it worth it.? Almost...if you are tasting it today...which we were....but this will improve to be a great white wine. The first impression is intense minerals, citrus fruit. Classy and elegant...and a gorgeous
middle palate. Classic Chardonnay
Points 18

And so to Volker's choice.

ittmann Westhofener
Morstein Riesling G G 2009

Rheinhessen, Germany

Fresh, steely, so very drinkable...which had us thinking it was a few years older. Austrian Riesling I said...and Volker grinning said no. He had actually gone out that day and purchased the wine....knowing we would think Austria after his holiday. Great balance...creamy...apricots...juicy acidity...very good.
Points 17.25

Volker had bought a lot of wine back and was particularly happy about a wine he had been offered at knock-down price of € 13,--

Sighardt Donabaum
Grüner Veltliner Zornberg Smaragd 2007

Wachau, Austria
Spicy and peppery with a glossy feel. Yellow fruit on the nose. A bargain indeed.

Points 16.25

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