Friday, December 03, 2010

Wine Press-Ups

The recovery time after the 'nose' operation (and no....not cosmetic...the doctor said they couldn't improve on the original) was taking longer than I expected.
What did I I came out of the anesthetic I asked when I could play soccer, drink wine and work. The doctor said that was typical.
Private patients/self employed people ask when they can work. The rest want to know how long he would write them a sick note for.
He gave me one for 2 weeks and I was told to rest....5 hours later I was in my office.
Soccer has been a no-no....and every two days I return to the surgery for clean-outs (hope you are not eating when reading this).
Every time I ask...when can I drink some wine?
He said one time...hmmm...maybe a small glass...and I told him to forget it...I would wait until he gave me the 'all-clear'.
It's now almost 3 weeks...and the last visit gave me hope that the next one will be accompanied by a thumbs-up.
If I had know how long it would be...I would maybe have found it more difficult....but it has been told me with every visit....maybe next time etc.
It reminded me of a time in the 60's where I used to train for Karate. Twice a week we had training and the Black Belt was a hard task-master.
One evening he said we would do 20 roll push ups. Sounded easy we all thought...we were top fit. Off we went...20 done...then he said...'Hold It There'...
and we waited with out-stretched arms to be relieved. ''Another 20' came the order. Up and down we went...and again waited as we reached 40. In vain....
'Another 20' and on reaching 60 'Another 20' and on reaching 80 'Another 20' You don't argue with a Black Belt!!!
The reason it reminded me of the forbidden wine was that if the Black Belt had told us to do 100 we would have most likely refused.
Would I have refused the operation if the doctor had told me no wine for 3 weeks? Probably not...
It is the longest I can remember not having the vinious stuff to enjoy. Even having a cold usually means a 7- 10 days break.
I can eat a bar of chocolate once I start...but have reduced it to almost nothing over the past few years. The last 3 weeks it has occaisonally been my 'drug' says my I readily accepted.
I haven't decided what will be the first wine when I get the green light...but you will soon know.

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