Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas is, and was as a child, a two-three day event for me. I can identify with Scrooge when it starts to take over at the end of November! Xmas trees on sale before you have finished your Easter eggs! This year it falls on a weekend...and in Germany (not England...who add Monday & Tuesday) Monday is a working no reason to over-buy food...but most people do...maybe they know something I don't...a third world war or a major famine...must be a reason. Who eats it all? My wife likes her tree though and it was decorated on the Wednesday before...and on Christmas Eve I received a present from her. What do you buy a man who has nothing to drink? Wine of course!

Lignier-Michelot Clos de la Roche
Grand Cru 2006

Burgundy, France

Sine Qua Non
Raven Series(Syrah) 2006
California, U.S.A.

Fürst Spätburgunder R Hunsrück
Großes Gewächs 2007

Franken, Germany

We have had PLENTY of snow...which makes everyone oohh and aahh...unless you have a business that has to send drivers out with ice on the roads and that wants no flight cancellations at the airport. You are getting to understand the Scrooge feeling by now. My wife decorates everything she can find...the garden, the hallway...and I have to admit (Scrooge weakening here) that it does look lovely.
Scrooge never received any wine...maybe that was a
Dickens' mistake.

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Happy New Year Barry.Keep up the good work!

Bob Alberta.