Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back In Business

FIVE WEEKS & FOUR DAYS...the time between the last sip of wine and the first sip of this one.
I was given the OK by the doctor the day before and was going to wait until Saturday when we were going out with friends.
I decided I needed something from 'my' cellar...and so the half-bottle seemed perfect....don't want to overdo it!
Eating has been strange at wife offering the usual good stuff...which is usually a reason for choosing a wine to match.
Over the long period...I have got used to not thinking about it...and the food tasted good...but for someone who has been into this game for 35 years....................

IT AIN'T BEEN EASY! However...I am justly proud of myself. That is the longest period without anything vinious for as long as I can remember. Even when I had a cold...10 days was probably the limit.
It gave the body organs a rest and proved I could never be an alcoholic...but I knew that...I know when to stop.
BUT....I am back...and raring to go. Maybe the operation in the nose will be a plus when smelling the stuff! I'll be sniffing like a dog on heat if I am not careful!

Ziereisen Rhini Pinot Noir 2004
Baden, Germany
I guess it was the mini-shock of having the red liquid in the mouth...surprisingly berry fruit...fiery...but that may have been my palate. Filled out in the glass...needed an hour more...but it was gone...I was like a first-timer in love making....but I will learn to slow down again.
A good starter though to get me back on the wine trail...and the food was delicious...Pasta, Veal Meat Balls and Fresh Mushrooms...with a Cognac and Coconut Sauce..and I added a touch of Yellow Curry.

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in the glass said...

Glad to hear you are back on the wine trail Good choice for the first wine back!