Friday, October 01, 2010

Mixing It

Klumpp Kirchberg Cuvée 'M' *** 2008
Baden, Germany
Did I mention that Klumpp is a new 'find' for me. Not true...never believe all I say!. To be honest...I had forgotten this bottle...a 2005 version of this post's wine.The bottle shape has changed...did they take notice of my back problems?
At 3 years old the Cuvée 'M' had impressed and the 2008 version is not far behind. Give it a year...and we will see.
The mix is a third of each of the following...Cabernet, Lemberger & St. Laurent. The most 'complex' of Cuvées is far as I know...the mix will change with each vintage...depending on the quality of the grapes.
I must ask Herr Klumpp if it is always the is an art...and he succeeds. Hand-picked grapes...and the colour is a 'young purple eater'. Enticing aromas of cassis(Cabernet) a vanilla glove(St.Laurent)...with a classy earthiness(Lemberger?)...hey...I am guessing here...I am open to suggestions. VERY drinkable on opening...and airing lets the Cabernet start to dominate the palate. Do I detect some dark cherries?...anyway...this is a complex wine to please...with the grape types vying for pride of place. I left a good third for the next day...the slight 'rawness' had was beautifully layered with fruit...and some liquorice at the finish. Klumpp for Mayor! Bruchsal anyway...but I DO like his wines. He advises to decant a LONG time in advance...but it is so interesting to see the changes in his wines...
Points 17.25

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