Monday, October 18, 2010

Horseradish & Wine

A recent mixed case contained an Austrian Duo.
Beer and fresh Horseradish sauce are a happy marriage as the intensity of the fresh version does not lend itself to wine. The sight of me in goggles with a peg on my nose while grating unforgettable. However....the 'imitation' another matter. What do you do when daughter and husband come to dinner...neither are beer drinkers...and neither am I.
So...treat the dish as you would Asian food.
We had a delightful starter of smoked Salmon, smoked Trout and some fresh 'Feldsalat' (Lamb's Lettuce)

There is no way you can make the food 'photogenic'...believe tastes better than it looks.
We started with the Riesling...switched to the Grüner...then back to the Riesling

Hirsch Riesling Heiligenstein 2006
Kamptal, Austria
Wow...this is my type of Riesling. I have had Hirsch a few tiles and the style is just perfect for someone who does not want an attack of acidity hitting my stomach. Classic aroma...slight petroleum...very aromatic...exotic....citrus fruits. The mid-palate is 'schmelz'...just so smooth....creamy...with pears and apples...and a good bout of minerals. A long finish to add to it's pluses...make this a real 'goodie'
Points 17.75

Strangely...the back label stated it was for a wine company in the U.S.A....Michael Skurrick Wines in New York. Was it planned for them but never made it...or did they send it back unsold? Whatever...their loss, my gain

Gritsch Grüner Veltliner
Smaragd Singerriedel 2009

Wachau, Austria
This Grüner would have pleased more alone...and maybe suffered from the Riesling quality. Already perfect to drink...the usual apricot and pepper...and a trace of almonds.
Points 17.25

A day later...another companion for some more Horseradish....
Freiherr von Gleichenstein Baron Louis
Oberrotweiler Henkenberg
Grauer Burgundy 2008

Baden, Germany
Lots of legs streaming down the glass...which readers from a previous post may find amusing. This is full-bodied...with spices and a velvety texture. Pears and some citrus fruit.
I enjoyed drinking it...but not something I would re-buy. I am still trying to LOVE Grauburgunder...I like them though.
Points 17

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