Saturday, June 19, 2010

French Competition

France is the home of Pinot Noir. Great wines from Burgundy. A recent evening had some from the competition. Why mention France then? on dear readers.
Frustated by the poor initial games from the World Cup....two friends invited me for dinner. I took along two Austrian and a German.

The food was, as usual, full of interest and 'lecker' (delicious).

Some 'Frikadellen' (Rissoles to you!)...spicy and tasty.
The main course...fresh local Chicken, Dal & Pak Soy.

A white offered by Volker...purchased from a holiday in the Wachau...was readily accepted.

Johann Donabaum Grüner Veltliner
Spitzer Point Federspiel 2009
Wachau, Austria
Delightfully fresh...reminded me of an Apfelwein Schorle (cider with a dash of fizzy water). It is lively...some aromatics...nicely weighted...12.5 fairly 'prickles' on the palate...''Spritzer' would have been very appropriate instead of Spitzer.
Points 15.5

The vintage 2003 I remember well in Europe. HOT, HOT, HOT!
I often sat in my office in bathing t
runks. They said this was the future....but it has never repeated itself.
Hot vintages can be very difficult for growers....too much heat...too much alco
Schloss Halbturn Pinot Noir 2003
Burgenland, Austria

I had tried the 2005 about 18 months ago...v
ery good indeed. When this earlier vintage popped up on Ebay...I grabbed it. Intriguing aromas...almost too difficult to pinpoint...slightly funky...farmyard...wild cherry...whatever...really very fine smell. The success continues onto the palate...where you get a real juiciness...a gentle tannin grip...still some well-bound acidity....minerals...are you guessing I liked this?'d be right.
Points 17.75

Dr. Heger Achkarrer Schlossberg
tburgunder *** Spätlese trocken 2003
Baden, Germany

To be honest... I expected something a touch different...but this showed many similarities to the Austrian. Lighter colour...and some animal aromas...and the juices again. The strawberry & raspbe
rry I expected...were hovering. Maybe a touch roasted oak. The heat of the vintage is nowhere to be seen, heard or tasted. It was maybe a yard behind the Austrian...but with airing was making up the distance. The finishing line came...and it only made
Points 17.5

A we sipped the last drops...we decided to risk watching the evening game of soccer. Mexico versus France. Great viewing...and the French lost. A good thing I hadn't risked a was not their night...and the competition was top-class.

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I have been neglecting Austria of late so must get with it!