Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blood, Liver & Pinot Noir

A break in posts due to the fact that I was not feeling 100%. What to do....make sure nothing has been missed. So...off to doctor and he took blood from me. I returned 3 days later for the results. Now...I've been here before...he sits me down...says...you are 64 years old...and you have perfect results!!! There was the Cholesterin 271+ and I thought...oh no...my wife will stop all butter on bread...but he quickly said that is balanced out by the HDL Cholesterin 77. My wine-blog friend Doctor Ed will no doubt give his opinion. For those not medical it is like mixing a red with a white and getting a decent Rosé. No need to change anything. The rest...well..the liver results were perfect....no trace of Foie Gras here. 'I need to drink more' I added...and he...being a Bordeaux lover said...'Shall I write you a prescription'?
Which brinks me nicely back to wine...
Eichholz Irene Grünenfelder Pinot Noir 2006
Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland
Soft, sour cherry sprang from the glass..very fruit driven...a little coffee..bouquet & palate in harmony...well-integrated attractive acidity keeping this lively....then the grip of soft tannins...and the 'sweetish' fruit is now gaining control. Lovely wine.
Points 17.5

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Edward said...


I think the lab must have mixed up the blood samples, how else to explain the excellent Gamma GT, though I suspect the soccer and grooving to soul music would help!