Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aldinger Delight

Does anyone outside of Germany ever get to taste a wine from Württemberg? I doubt it.
Growers from all the main areas are crossing the waters..to be tasted and explored...but I don't think this area has been 'discovered' yet. Not that it is a problem...more for us here. Aldinger is one of the top 5 growers... he is situated just a few kilometres from the city of Stuugart....and his wines regularly please me.

Aldinger Untertürkheimer Gips
Spätburgunder GG 2007
Württemberg, Germany
This is a Grosses Gewächs...of which I have been trying a few from all over Germany...2007 is a very fine vintage. All those tried recently showed great potential...but need some time to evolve.
This was , in comparison, very forward.
Gorgeous strawberry aroma...just so enticing...you smell the juiciness of this wine before you ever get to taste it. Also...it has a freshness that appeals...beautifully balanced...soft earthiness that always reminds me of what a a Pinot Noir made by a Bordelais would taste like.
Points 17.75