Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Sometimes everything goes wrong all at once. I hadn't played soccer for 8 weeks (injury, holiday and weather)..and my camera had left me in the lurch while on holiday.
All the recent posts had photos I took before it was sent for repair. Two weeks is back.....and a bright Sunday morning found me out playing again. We won 4-3.
My Radio Show in the evening..and home to some Cod Fillets and a wine from Portugal.

Herdade do Esperao Private Selection Reserva branco 2007
Aletejo, Portugal
A Xmas present....with a straw yellow colour..a mix of Semillon, Marsanne & Roussanne. Exotic nose...some honey with a stony trace...the oak showing...but over the two days it maybe a decant if you want to empty the bottle at one go...Quite complex and creamy on the palate...well-made...and methinks it will be better in a year or two.
Points 16.75

Next day....This property is a new 'find' for me...and the top wine had impressed when drank on holiday. Time to give Michel's basic a chance.

Michel Spätburgurgunder Alte Reben 2007
Baden, Germany
First up...EXCELLENT quality for the price...€ 11,-- but that shouldn't affect the marking....mark what you have..not what it costs. An aroma of strawberry and sour cherries....'beat this' I said...thinking of the price.....which should not affect the marking....a really attractive palate...with a soft...slightly sweet fruit without being overdone...the tannins just hovering...and a trace of acidity means this is delicious now...but could hold for 5 years..and at that price...which should not affect the marking.
Points 16.5...but the price.....which should not affect the marking....

Did you know that Rabbit is a word used when you talk a lot...Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit..maybe only in England.....but no doubt someone will tell me differently. Rabbit was past talking...
The food was a Rabbit Casserole..with Cognac, Beer, Honey, Tomatoes, Carrots, Bay Leaves, Thyme & Marjoram. The meat just fell off the bone.......

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed Esporao over the years but prices are quite high here. Not sure these days how typical of Portugal the wines are though.

Alberta Bob