Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Big Fat Greek Wines

If you are reading this in the morning..Calimera....later see..I did learn something on my Big Fat Greek Holiday. If only wines like those below had been available then.....
Another plus point is that the labels are becoming more understandable. Fellow blogger Alex maybe has never had problems..but the rest of the world needs a consumer friendly front label..the unreadable stuff can be put on the back.
Neither of the wines would have me ordering a case...but they are really interesting...something different...the local grapes making a change....
Biblia Chora Ovilos 2007
Macedonia, Greece
Aroma of juicy peaches( the Sémillon)..and a shot of grapefruit..citrus(Assyrtiko)...a core of minerals..and a dollop (lot) of tropical fruit. The oak just a white Graves(Bordeaux) the Sauvignon Blanc with Assyrtiko...excellent weight and texture..
Points 16.5

Gaia Estate 2005
Peloponnes, Greece
The property was founded in 1994 by Leon Karatsalos und Yiannis Paraskevopoulos.
Dark plums..some & reserved at first...a mention for the 'legs' that filled the glass
a juicy texture.....fresh and lively with a very smooth palate..the grainy tannins just stroking the fruit...the finish was long.
Points 16.5

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