Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jack & The Beanstalk

An Austrian Pinot before we head for Baden...
Prieler Pinot Noir 2005
Burgenland, Austria
Dried cherry aroma......some black pepper....quite soft on a strawberry bush....the tannins still dominant and spiky acidity..softened up the next day.....which bodes well for a future..a terroir Pinot.
Points 16.75

The photo is of our flower plant....which was small, short and nothing special in May. Since then it has grown and grown..and has been trying to 'mate' with the growing vines that are on the have added stakes to tell it which way to go. It is now hitting the heights...heading for the heavens. I always think of my childhood when I see it..Jack & The Beanstalk
And talking of heaven....our little heaven on earth is where we will be for 7 days!!! Rebstock in Waldulm.
Great food, great wines (I'll try not to drink a Spätburgunder EVERY day!). The weather forecast sounds we will be walking the vineyards.....

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Brain Cox said...

With wonderful aromas of apple cider, chalk and lemon zest, this clean and focused wine expands on the palate to reveal warm apple crisp, clove and quince nuances. Possessing a long, concentrated citrus finish, this wine pairs perfectly with roasted pork, shellfish and egg-based sauces or as a charming cocktail beverage.I enjoy it with my Cohiba.