Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spätburgunder Hell

After recent posts regular readers will wonder where my love for Spätburgunder has gone. Merely coincidence..have no fear...just the way things it was with great pleasure I accepted an invitation to a small blind tasting of my favourite grape.
A simple Weissburgunder 2008 from Schloss Schönborn and a simple Spätburgunder 2007 from the same property. Price was low I neither 'hurt' very much.....the pain would come later.
Three bottles were lined up..all covered...and one after another..the glasses were poured...and one after another...the same...construde wines....'forced' came to mind...sweet confection...the labels( very modern..they should have spent the money elsewhere) revealed all were from Schloss Schönborn.. a highly rated property for look Herr Schönborn..or whoever is responsible..Pinot is a terroir wine.. leave it alone...keep to your Riesling...don't try to make a wine that will please people who drank it in the bad old days..over 10 years ago..when wines like these three meant I never touched the stuff. With the first a should have been more balanced..the second..a 2006 from Franconia..was the 'best' of the three..and 2007 is a classic vintage!!! How can you not make a good Spätburgunder... All three are priced over € 20,-- each...and for that amount I expect to give a wine at least 'Sweet 16' points...I wouldn't have given any of them even a 'Pimply 14'.....A Crusius (who knows how to handle the grape) 'Black Dog' had them hanging their necks in shame...and it's costs € 10,-- less. An 'unforgettable' tasting.....maybe it was down to me..not having tasted my beloved grape for days...The Pinot Gods were frowning on me....I'll try to do better in future...

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