Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sherry Moments

After reading so much good press about Spanish whites..I purchases a mixed case.
Red Rioja back in the old days....wonderful...the whites were an acquired taste though..having spent time in wood...which can mean you say it is oaky..but in most cases..'woody' is more appropriate. Have things changed?
Marqués de Murrieta Capellania Blanco Reserva 2003
Rioja, Spain
Purchased after seeing a tasting note for the 2004.
Yellow with green tinges....slightly oxidised on the nose..touch of 'fino'...trace of toast..some exotic is easy on the palate...but the woodiness is maybe holding back any fruit. Did it spend too long in the barrels?
Didn't knock me off my chair...and was a little more
Points 15.5
Included in the mixed case..I had ordered various Sherries....after the above I decided to try one..and it was my choice that it smelled of Sherry!

Lustau Amontillado Medium Dry 'Los Arcos'
Lustau is probably the top Sherry producer...all styles.. top quality wines.

Tawny gold colour..medium dry could be medium sweet...very intense smell of caramel and nuts..plums if you want a fruit...

a 'real' mouthful....I was going to try to divulge a few glasses...forget it..a glass with a few 'nibbles'...and another after the meal..more than adequate unless you want your head thumping. I had some Wasabi nuts..where it again came into it's element.....I know I have stated I would like to try Sherry through a whole meal...but not sure other than the above I would pair it with fish etc...
Points 16.5

A light wine between the Sherry was
Abadal Picapoll 2007
Pla de Bages, Spain
Lively, slightly sparkly( you know what I mean)..effervescent (that's better)...bitter notes...decent low-priced summer wine.
Points 15.5

Amusing closing note:
Any white wine left in a in the fridge downstairs in the cellar. Should my wife have a rare urge to drink a glass..she opens the fridge..and usually finds something. So it was with the Abadal..BUT...thinking the darker bottle was also white..and not taking a closer look..she took a glass..and considered it oxidized (which a Sherry is)..and threw the glass full of dark liquid away. When I decided I could try another glass of the Amontillado.I thought it had evaporated....and asked if she had used it to cook (knowing she does not like to drink Sherry)..on hearing.. I burst out laughing....

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