Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Bosch

Bought two bottles of this..the first was a bad day for me..or a bad day for the wine...according to some 'experts'..there are bad 'star' days....where a wine will not be up to it..and could be better 3 days later..on a good 'star' day...but checking their lists..I would only be certain one day in seven....I'll take the risks.

Glen Carlou Syrah 2004

Stellenbosch, South Africa
This is aged 12 months in French & U.S.A. oak....quite deep, violet fruits, choloate, plums, exotic spices...a layed-back Syrah..not New World, not Old World..only slightly 'funky' on the palate...ripe fruit..soft tannins...easy finish. Enjoyable.
Points 16.5

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Joe said...

Hi Barry,
There is always something "funky" for me with S. African reds, mostly endearing, sometimes annoying. I do find there are days when a great wine does nothing for me, on others a mediocre wine seems a treasure...Glen Carlou sounds like a good name for a single malt...