Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Wines

My wife had a 'special' birthday..so we went out for a meal with the children.
The restaurant has a good wine-list....and no..I didn't choose it....but I chose the wines...hey..leave me some pleasures...
Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner
Allerheiligenstiftung 2007

Kamptal, Austria
If I don't fancy the acidity of Riesling..or the oak of Chardonnay..a perfect wine..certainly restaurant wine..is a Grüner Veltliner. I generally enjoy them all...and this one is no exception.
Light gold in colour...trace of peach...peppery, spicy aroma with the usual touch of smoke. Dry..but the lively minerals and good fruit make this a real pleasure to drink now.
Points 16.5

Markus Schneider 'Steinsatz' 2005
Pfalz, Germany
This is a Cuvee of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and St Laurent..which are from an old Vineyard 'Steinsatz'..which comprises of different soils.
Deep, deep colour..and fine 'legs'..an instant aroma of ripe grapes....soft & velvety.....and the St Laurent is to the fore on the nose. Spices and herbs hit the palate...a delicious slice again of ripe fruits...peppery...very fresh and exhilerating..with a touch of caramel. Very attractive wine.
Points 17.5

Schlossgut Diel
Cuvée Caroline

Spätburgunder 2004
Nahe, Germany

Marzipan...aromas of red berries and cherries...soft gentle perfume...silky..some spicyiness...very drinkable...
Not as impressive as the 2005...but nevertheless..a treat.
Points 17.25
In hindsight...tasting the Diel first would have maybe been better....as lovely as it was...the power of the Schneider was in the air...

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