Friday, February 06, 2009

A French Sandwich Between German Bread

Off to our regular meeting at a local eatery with Volker & Robert...two bottles from myself..a third was brought by Robert.
Salwey Henkenberg Weissburgunder
Grosses Gewachs 2006

Baden, Germany
Lovely..I was really impressed..more so than the 2007..maybe because the younger wine needed a few months..and the 2006 had more balance. Pears and figs...and a whole host of delicious minerals...each glass was a pleasure. A smoothness making it a crowd pleaser...but those lively earthy minerals...sparkling on the palate. Citrus fruits..and matched perfectly with some fresh Calamares.
Points 17.25

Two reds (both covered)...and before I could ask which one first..Robert's wine was in the glass.
Pinot Noir.....which pleased me..cos mine was of the sames genes. I guessed French....then there were 2 possibilities.
A great producer from a 'lesser' vintage..or.. a small producer from a great vintage. I tended towards the latter..thinking Cote Chalonaise...
It was the former..and I later realised I have a bottle in my cellar(present from my wife)
Domaine Armand Rouseau

1er Cru Lavaux St. Jacques 2004
Burgundy, France
Really lovely aroma on pouring...temptation...let me at it! Dancing fruit on the tongue...some marzipan..soft smoky touch...dusty tannins..dry..but a real classy style. When I knew Burgundy like the back of my hand (20 years ago)..
I drank a lot of Rousseau..and it hardly ever disappointed...nothing has changed it seems.
Points 17.75
The last of a mixed 6 pack purchased directly from Salwey...a top producer...and this is the top red.
Salwey Kirchberg ***
G.G. Spätburgunder 2006

Baden, Germany
Decent oak..and typical SB nose..quite full..elderberry fruit...still slightly closed..and maybe a touch 'flatter' than the Frenchy...nevertheless..a real good mouthful of Baden sunshine.
Points 17.5

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Joe said...

glad you liked this Weissburgunder better than the last one - I am very intrigued