Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Good Red, Great Grey

If you want to compare a selection of wines..start at the bottom and work up is the general rule.
The 'RS' is certainly not the ground floor..but this 'R' is a few steps (moneywise)..upwards.

Salwey Eichberg 'R' Spätburgunder 2006

Baden, Germany
A little disappointed..rather reserved..trace of cherry..lighter style..some vanilla...fresh..needed more airing maybe...so don't hold me to the points
Points 16.5

Salwey Oberrotweiler Henkenberg Grauer Burgunder

Großes Gewächs *** 2007
Baden, Germany
After my reserved tasting notes on sister Weissburgunder..I may go over the top here.
Golden colour...complex aromas..lovely ripe fruit..'Pins & Needles on Cream'..wonderful minerals fill the mouth...
ripe pears and quince..an absolute beauty..and without doubt the best I have tasted. 2007 shows tops again.
Points 17.75

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Lyle Fass said...

Great notes. Love Salwey. Visited them twice over the past couple of years and think the Grauburgunder and Weissburgunder are where its at. Reference point. Oberrotweil is also a lovely small town.