Friday, August 17, 2007

Wine, Food & Friends

You cook, I'll bring the wines..I said to Volker.
I called another friend Robert..he had an appointment..but postponed it...Steffi, Volker's better half was also there(we couldn't throw her out of her own home)...

so we were all set.
I chose the 3 wines I would take and also the rest of the Riesling from the previous evening.

Volker cooks 'provencial'...not rustical...
The salad with calamares was a fine opener..

and the main course of battered
(hit with a hammer to flatten it)
Argentinien steak covered with a
thin layer of fried onions was delicious.

All the wines were covered up.
As an aperitive..they tried the Zind-Humbrecht Riesling...
they weren't sure what or where..but I mentioned Sauerkraut..
and Volker said..Alsace Riesling.
Barry..stop helping them.

The nose had and spice...otherwise..
just as the night before.

Chablis Premier Cru 2005

Domaine des Malandes, Vau de Vey
Burgundy, France

Clear yellow with green tinges; flinty, minerally nose..touch of cream; this is a 'wine-drinkers' up-front fruit with oak..more complexity here..2005 was great year for White Burgundy..anyway..back to the wine..
from sniff to sniff and from sip to sip..always something happening.Still unbalanced but all in there..and needs airing at this stage of it's life.
I purchased 6 will 'try' to leave it for 6 months.
Points 17.5 +

PS..before they even started to taste....I casually mentioned that
we don't seem to drink this type of wine anymore..
Robert said..'must be Chablis then'

That's more helping..I never seem to get these 'tips' when I taste blind!!

And so to the reds..both decanted

Gantenbein 2005
Fläsch, Switzerland
We last tried this at a Pinot Noir tasting..
and I said then it needed to be tasted alone..
and with food. was excellent with the
main course.
From the first whiff of soft velvety Pinot..
which extends to the flavour...well..this is food wine...
and therefore earned more points than at the tasting.
Points 18

PS. As I didn't know what food was to be served..
and Volker knew nothing about what wine I would bring..
the question arose...who gets the plaudits for this 'perfect marriage'..
We decided to share the podium.

Domaine Gourt de Mautens 2004
Rasteau, France

I had tried the 2003 a while back..
and was VERY impresssed.
At the first smell from the glass..
Robert's face changed..
it was a picture..
"Wow" he said.."what is this...Grenache...?...
not New World tho..too elegant."
And it is elegant....95% Grenache with a
little Carignan and Mourvèdre..
from 70-100 year old vines.
Storming mine-boggling smell..
herbs and spices...all that in one
medium-sized glass...!...
mouth-filling, rich, ripe fruit..
and a lovely long finish.

2003 and 2004 are both fine
vintages in the Rhone

but 2004 wins here..just
Points 18.5

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Joe said...

I love that Zind-Humbrecht, bought some 2004 Vau de Vey at your recommendations (wrong vintage, I know...) and will definitely look for that Rasteau. Nice flight - cheers!